Balboa Retrofit and Air Source Heat Pump install - York
Balboa Retrofit and Air Source Heat Pump install – York

Customer Nigel contacted us to discuss his hot tub which had been down for some weeks due to a main board/processor issue. 

The locally supplied tub from a supplier in York was fitted with a SPAnet control system which can be temperamental, both the main controller board and the touchscreen topside control panel. A few attempts had been made to fix the issues but these had not worked to his satisfaction. 

We discussed the options of having a full Balboa BP Retrofit control pack fitted, this would included a new main processor board, topside control panel and heater tube. Balboa are the leading brand of hot tub controls globally and they represent good value for money and a “fit and forget” approach due to their reliability and proven technology. Some minor plumbing adjustments would be needed to make it fit but the swap would be straightforward and quick. 

Additionally, the retrofit pack offered a WIFI option which would allow the tub to be controlled from anywhere in the world, filter cycles can be programmed, temperature adjusted, even the lights can be turned on and off so this option was also added for further convenience of use. 

Nigel also wanted to realise the benefits of an Air Source heat Pump and their massive potential to save money on running a hot tub – see our blog here – so we specified a Sunbeach Spa INHeat Air Source Heat Pump which would be fitted and installed at the same.

We carried out all the works within the day and got the tub fully functional and running for the customer.

If you are having problems with your hot tub control panel or main processor, please give Ben a call to discuss. We can upgrade most tubs quite cost effectively with minimum downtime and fuss


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