Cover Lifters

Entering your hot tub needs to easy and hassle free.  Covers are heavy and become even heavier when condensation from the spa sits in the underside.  A hot tub cover lifter makes entering your tub a breeze and handles all the heavy lifting due to their unique design.  Our hot tub cover lifters come in various designs to suit your requirements.

When lifted, your cover sits neatly and safely suspended behind the hot tub.  The most popular cover lifter is the under-mounted type that uses the weight of the hot tub for support and simply helps to lift and fold the cover.

Other types of hot tub cover lifters use hydraulic arms that make it even easier to lift and almost lift themselves once you begin to lift.  these designs are perfect when you have less space behind the tub.

Hot tub cover lifter features.

  • Pre-assembled brackets
  • Only requires 6” – 8” clearance
  • Power-coated Aluminium bracket
  • Power-coated aluminium arms
  • Locking facility against the wind
  • Easy to use
  • Require less clearance than other lifters in our range
Cover Lifters