Healthy Water, Healthy Hot Tub

One of the most important aspects of owning a hot tub is ensuring the water is treated correctly with the right chemicals.  It can seem quite daunting and complicated to think about balancing the hot tubs water so that it is safe to use, but at Seaside Hot Tubs we make it extremely easy.

Keeping on top of the hot tub water will not only improve the quality and appearance but will also protect the spa in the long term.  Our selection of products will allow you to worry less about the water and enjoy owning a hot tub.

Our selection of Chemicals include: pH balancers, cleaners and testing products.

Hot Tub Filter Cleaners

Your filter does the hardest work and ensures that your water stays cleaner for longer by removing debris and dirt from your tub.  Cleaner water will give you a better spa experience and keep the water crystal clear.

Hot Tub pH Balancers

Keeping the water at the correct balance is extremely important.  It gives you peace of mind that the water is safe to use, whilst improving it’s quality so you are not changing it as often.

Water Testing Products

Our hot tub testing products make it simple to check the pH levels of the water using a colour matching system so you know instantly the chemical balance.

We recommend testing your water in your spa twice a week at least and when you fill it.  The test strips give you an instant result so you know what chemicals or correction fluids to add.

Hot Tub Sanitisers

Hot tub maintenance is key to keeping your spa healthy and running efficiently. We offer Chlorine Granules, Rapid Shock, Bromine Granules, Bromine Tables, Shock and Chlorine Tablets that ensure your tub is free from any bacteria.
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