Hot Tub Covers

When considering buying a new hot tub cover or lid it can get a little complicated.  At Seaside Hot Tubs we take away the guess work and make it easy to purchase a replacement cover.

Our hot tub covers come in various sizes and colours to fit your hot tub.  Each cover is made from the strongest vinyl to ensure they are durable to withstand the coldest, frostiest nights and hottest summers, which prevents them from perishing or cracking.  Each cover comes with lockable safety clips.

Hot tub cover features:

  • Reinforced hinge corners
  • Double layer folding hinge
  • Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Hinge insulation to prevent heat loss
  • Surrounding skirt to add to the insulation values
  • Drains holes to release steam condensation
  • Lifting handles
hot tub covers