Hot Tub Service

When was the last time you had your hot tub serviced?

Keeping Your Tub Healthy

Hot Tubs require regular maintenance in the same way your car or central heating boiler needs a service or an annual checkup. A regular hot tub service  can identify and minimise small issues before they become bigger more expensive problems.


How We Can Help?

An annual service from Seaside Hot Tubs covers a detailed inspection of your hot tub, its condition and a through decontamination of the waterways and pipework to ensure safety and wellness for all users

What does a service include?

Chemical Flush

A strong Chemical flushing agent is added to the water 

Filter Cleaned

The filter is chemically cleaned or *replaced depending upon condition

Hot Tub Service and Cover Lifter Fit in Bempton

Full Drain Down

The tub will be fully drained down with a quick drain pump.

Wet Vacuum

A wet vacuum will be used to fully remove all water from the tub and pipework

Acrylic Shell Drying

The shell will be fully dried and inspected for any damage – cracks etc

Hot Tub Repairs

Mechanical Exam

A mechanical and electrical inspection to check for leaks, corrosion, wear etc.


A full refill of your nice sparkly clean hot tub

Accessory Clean

All accessories including headrests are all cleaned and UV protection added

External Protection

UV Protection added to Thermal cover and outer cabinet

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