Best Value Hot Tubs - Customer Installs

Seaside Hot Tubs installed a fabulous Chicago hot tub for Sharon and her family in Hull. Access was an issue so a large crane was used to lift the tub over the house and into the garden.

Once Lifted in, Paul set to work unwrapping and installing the options Sharon had opted for – the bluetooth sound upgrade and the cover lifter. Once they were installed the tub was placed and filled with water ready for the training we provide on how to use the tub and the associated chemicals

About Seaside Hot Tubs

Seaside hot tubs are located in Scarborough North Yorkshire. We supply affordable luxury hot tubs to our customers across the North Of England. In conjunction with our sister companies we are able to offer the following Services

Seaside Hot Tubs – Supply of new and pre owned hot tubs offering customers excellent value for money

The Hot Tub Mover – Hot tub Move and Hot Tub Relocation services – UK Wide Service

Premier Hot Tub Hire – Hire of luxury solid hot tubs for that special occasion or event.

Please feel free to call Ben on 07525 326 044 for any hot tub advice you need. We are very friendly and knowledgeable and can help with most things hot tubs!

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